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Class Buzzard

Welcome to Class Buzzard!

This page is designed to let you know a little bit more about our class...we hope you find it helpful.  If you ever have any questions about life in Class Buzzard that you can't find the answer to on this page, you'll always be able to catch a member of our class team before or after school on the playground and we'll be happy to help.

Who's Who?

Class Teacher:  Miss C Davies

Teaching Assistant Supporting Buzzards:  Mrs J Newman

Summer Term Big Idea

Each term at Badsey, the children will explore and learn about a new Big Idea.  These could range from Fairness to Power.  Throughout the Spring Term, our Big Idea is 'Responsibility'. We link all lessons from the Foundation Curriculum (History, Geography, Art, Music, RE etc) to this Big Idea.

This term our Big Idea is ‘Power.’ During the first half term, children will be exploring the idea of power and what it means to them. We will also be introducing the KS2 production of ‘The Time Lord. This play focuses on 5 key objects: Shakespeare’s quill, Boudicca’s sword, Beethoven’s ear trumpet, Florence Nightingale’s lamp and Columbus’ compass. We will use these key objects to discuss the idea of the power of: writing, strength, music, compassion and discovery.

During Summer 1, KS2 children will also take part in STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) activities. In week 1, the children have a special ‘chem labs’ assembly where they will see lots of exciting science experiments which should definitely not be tried at home! In week 2, the whole of KS2 will get together to take part in a STEM day. This will involve having a presentation by somebody who works at Jaguar; completing a workshop with them and taking part in other fun and inspiring activities in classes.

After half term, we will continue the rehearsals of the KS2 production and researching and learning about the key people listed above. During Summer 2, we will also hold a science day where we will look at the scientific elements of power (solar/wind/water/electricity/nuclear) and give the children a chance to use and apply their investigative skills to complete an investigation challenge.

 Core Subjects


In our Maths Learning Journey we will be providing the children with a range of learning objectives based upon a specific maths topic area.  On a daily basis, this enables us to focus our teaching upon their specific needs and provides the opportunity for the children to apply their maths skills in a range of contexts.  The week will consist of four Maths Learning Journey lessons and one Basic Skills Maths lesson. 

Maths coverage during the Spring Term:

Week beginning 29th April - Measure

Fortnight beginning 6th May - Fractions, Decimals and Percentages

Week beginning 20th May - Formal Written Methods for Addition and Subtraction

Week beginning 3rd June - Formal Written Methods for Multiplication and Division

Week beginning 10th June - Assessment Week

Week beginning 17th June - Place Value

Three weeks beginning 24th June - Application of Multiplication, Division, Addition and Subtraction


As we have such a short term for Summer 1, we have decided to use this to revise and teach Vocabulary, Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling skills from your child’s programme of study, as well as the previous years. Summer 2 will run as normal, using our Talk4Writing.

These English units will be closely linked to our Big Idea and topic lessons. The order of English units will be as follows:

Journey/Quest story

Non-chronological report

To learn more about Talk 4 Writing, click here. 

Other Important Information


P.E with Miss Kay will be on a Friday morning for the first half term and the first week of Summer 2 and our hall slot is on a Wednesday afternoon. We ask that your child has their P.E kit in school with them every day though please as, with the warmer weather hopefully on the way, it would be great to take advantage of this and get outside to apply their new cricket skills!

Forest School: 

Forest School will take place on a weekly basis for 5 sessions.  These sessions will alternate between a Tuesday and Wednesday as follows:

Tuesday 30th April

Wednesday 8th May

Tuesday 14th April

Wednesday 22nd May

Tuesday 4th June

Please support your child in getting their forest school kit in on the correct days. They will just need a pair of joggers and some wellies please.


There are two spelling ‘lists’ within the curriculum that the children need to learn. The first one is the Year 3/4 100+ word list that has been sent home and the children are steadily working their way through! This National Curriculum Spelling Appendix can be found hereWe will continue to focus on 5 new spellings a week in our morning learning time.

The second list contains sets of spelling rules and patterns. We will continue to focus on these as a means to improve the spelling across the school this term. As before, these will be daily sessions, learning one spelling rule a week. On a Monday, we will test spellings from the previous week’s rule and introduce the new rule. From Tuesday through to Friday, the children will use the PAC approach to learn the spellings in a variety of ways. We will also be encouraging children to apply their knowledge of the spelling rules in all of their writing. We will not be sending these spellings home for homework as we are striving for the children to understand the rule/pattern as opposed to learning a set of 10 spellings.  If you wish to support your child at home with spelling, you will be able to practise the weekly spelling pattern/rule at home in preparation for their test the following Monday.

Click here for the Year 3/4 spelling rules for Summer 1 and 2

If you wish to support your child at home with spelling, you will be able to practise the weekly spelling pattern/rule at home in preparation for their test the following Monday.


We will continue to have ukulele lessons every other Tuesday in school.  There is also an upcoming multi-skills for selected children which we will communicate to you separately. 


We wrote you about changes to the homework offer at Badsey for the Summer term on 2nd May 2019.  Please see a copy of the letter and the arrangements for homework in Buzzards class here.

For children in Years 3 and 4, the emphasis is on daily reading, spelling practise and times tables. Your child will have brought home an orange folder which contains some ideas for how to learn spellings and times tables in different ways as well as the spelling lists needed. Alongside this, your child will have brought home a green book which contains a choice grid. This is to give the children the opportunity to develop their understanding of our Big Idea through a range of activities which we hope the children find fun! The idea of this is to engage the children with their learning without putting too much pressure on them. If you do have any questions or concerns regarding homework, please do pop in and see your child’s class teacher and we will be more than happy to help!

Helpful Website Links

The Topmarks website can be accessed here

Education City can be accessed here - your child will need their personal username and log-in