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Class Kite

Welcome to Class Kite!

This page is designed to let you know a little bit more about our class...we hope you find it helpful.  If you ever have any questions about life in Class Kite that you can't find the answer to on this page, you'll always be able to catch a member of our class team before or after school on the playground and we'll be happy to help.

Who's Who?

Class Teacher:  Miss N Cole

Teaching Assistant Supporting Kites:  Mrs F Thomas 

Summer Term Big Idea

Each term at Badsey, the children will explore and learn about a new Big Idea.  These could range from Fairness to Power.  Throughout the Summer Term, our Big Idea is 'Power'. We link all lessons from the Foundation Curriculum (History, Geography, Art, Music, RE etc) to this Big Idea.

We will start the Summer Term by learning about the power of Space. We will begin by learning all about our solar system and why each planet is important. We will then move on to looking at people that have visited space and how their experiences have impacted on our understanding of space, and whether or not we class them as powerful people.  This first half term will have a particular Science focus which will be supported by an exciting school trip to the Think Tank in Birmingham.

During Summer 2, Year 2 will then move on to learning about the power of Ancient Egypt. We will be learning who the Egyptians are and what life was like 5000 years ago in Egypt. We will continue our debate on powerful people as we learn about King Tutankhamun before we design and make our own death/burial mask based on the famous Tutankhamun mask.

 Core Subjects


In our Maths Learning Journey we will be providing the children with a range of learning objectives based upon a specific maths topic area.  On a daily basis, this enables us to focus our teaching upon their specific needs and provides the opportunity for the children to apply their maths skills in a range of contexts.  The week will consist of four Maths Learning Journey lessons and one Basic Skills Maths lesson. 

Maths coverage during the Spring Term:
Week beginning 29th April - Time
Fortnight beginning 6th May - Recapping all areas of the Y2 Maths Curriculum
Week beginning 20th May - KS1 SATs Week
Fortnight beginning 10th June - Position
Week beginning 17th June - Shape
Fortnight beginning 24th June - Statistics
Week beginning 8th July - Measure


English Learning Journey lessons happen four times a week.  We use an approach to teaching writing called Talk 4 Writing at Badsey.  In these Learning Journey lessons we will focus on basic grammar and punctuation, adjectives, noun phrases and similes. We will start the Summer Term with a focus on recounts.  Our Summer term 'Wow' experiences, like the school trip and our GLA Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths week, will allow us to write a number of first-hand recounts.  During Summer 2, we will move on to learning a warning tale.  After learning our model text, Matty and the Snow Cat, the children will have a go at writing their own warning story.  To learn more about Talk 4 Writing, click here. 

Other Important Information


Throughout the Spring Term, we shall be working with Miss Kay to learn lots of athletics skills in preparation for our Summer sports day.

Please ensure that your child always has an appropriate PE kit in school. Your child will need shorts and a dark blue t-shirt, and for the colder days please also ensure that your child has joggers and a jumper.  We strongly recommend outdoor trainers for outdoor PE – please note pumps don’t provide very good support for young feet when partaking in outdoor sports.  Indoor PE can be done bare foot, however some parent choose to also buy their children indoor pumps.

Forest School: 

Y2 have completed their Forest School sessions for 2018-19.


Our spelling lessons are designed to provide the flexibility to either introduce a new spelling rule that is specific to our class requirements or consolidate rules already taught. Each week the children will receive spellings based on the spelling rules and sounds they have been learning in their spelling lessons that week.  Spellings will be sent home on Thursday and the children will be tested on them the following Wednesday.  A list of the spelling rules we will teach over the course of the Summer 1 term can be found here.  It is important the children learn the spelling rule and a range of words which fit that rule.  The weekly spelling test will not just be on the selection of words we send home; it will be on a selection of words which fit the rule.

The National Curriculum Spelling Appendix can be found here.  It shows you the expectations for spelling rules and the 100+ common exception words for each year group / phase.  We strongly recommend working through these at home with your child.


A letter about homework for the Summer Term was sent home on 2nd May 2019.  Full details and a copy of the letter can be found here.

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