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Year 3 - Class Falcon

Welcome to Class Falcon!

This page is designed to let you know a little bit more about our class...we hope you find it helpful.  If you ever have any questions about life in Class Falcon that you can't find the answer to on this page, you'll always be able to catch a member of our class team before or after school on the playground and we'll be happy to help.

Who's Who?

Class Teachers:  Mrs Elsdon and Mrs Charnley

Meet The Teacher

Click here for the Meet The Teacher 2019 Overview Presentation

Click here for the Class Falcon Meet The Teacher 2019 Presentation

Spring Term

We have continued to evolve our Foundation Curriculum throughout the Autumn Term at Badsey (find out more on our separate Foundation Curriculum website page).  Our Spring Term topic in Year 3 is called 'Technologically Speaking'.

In Falcon, this unit will have a strong History focus, looking at changes in technology and transport in Britain from the Stone Age to the Iron Age. The children will learn where the periods of the Stone Age and the Iron Age fit in to a wider picture of British history.  There is an opportunity to look at evidence and sources, finding out about the Neolithic settlement Skara Brae along the way. 

In Art, the children will continue to use their sketchbooks to explore Stone Age cave art and find out how cave paintings were created.

In DT, the focus will be on designing a tool that would have been useful to a Stone Age person.  The children will then make that tool and demonstrate to the class how it works with an explanation.

We are looking forward to introducing Philosphy4Children to Class Falcons this term as we unpick big questions such as, 'Does having more things make us happier?'; 'Is it our job to look after the environment?'; and 'Is it right for countries to be spending money sending people into space when so many people live in poverty on earth?'.

Science has a technology focus as the children spend Spring 1 looking at Forces, including a 'Scrapyard Challenge' to sort materials using magnets.  Spring 2 provides the opportunity to study Electricity, with the children exploring and building their own circuits.

In RE, the focus will be on Christianity with a specific study of Easter and Pentecost in the Spring 2 term.

 Core Subjects


In our Maths Learning Journey we will be providing the children with a range of learning objectives based upon a specific maths topic area.  On a daily basis, this enables us to focus our teaching upon their specific needs and provides the opportunity for the children to apply their maths skills in a range of contexts.  The week will consist of four Maths Learning Journey lessons and one Basic Skills Maths lesson.  To see the Y3 National Curriculum programme of study for Maths click here.

Maths coverage during the Spring Term:

Two weeks beginning 6th January - Place Value

Two weeks beginning 20th January - Decimals

Two weeks beginning 3rd February - Measure

Week beginning 24th February - Statistics

Two weeks beginning 2nd March - Shape

Two weeks beginning 16th March - Time

Week beginning 30th March - Revision and Consolidation



Our primary tool for teaching children to become amazing writers at Badsey remains Talk 4 Writing. To learn more about Talk 4 Writing, click here. 

Our English learning journey begins with a Recount based on a diary entry about George the Giant.  On 23rd January, the children will have a special 'Wow Day' where they will 'live the life' of a Stone Age person - building a fire in the Forest School and eating a simple diet of fruit, seeds, fish and bread.  The children will use the experiences of the day to write their own independent recount at the end of January.

The second writing unit of the term will be a Warning Tale.  As always, the children will have the opportunity to imitate a model text, innovate it to make it their own and then independently apply their skills as a writer to create their own Warning Tale linked to our topic.

Handwriting remains a focus in Y3 and we are closely monitoring the presentation of work with the aim of the children being to gain their Year 3 Pen License.

Other Important Information


PE will happen on a Monday afternoon, and occasionally on a Friday afternoon.  Our main focus is on Dance: we are learning and creating dances linked to our learning on the Stone Age.

We ask that your child has their P.E kit in school with them every day please.  During the cooler Winter months we recommend your child brings in a warm jumper and tracksuit bottoms for outdoor PE.  We also ask that your child doesn't wear pumps/daps for outdoor PE but instead brings their trainers in to school.  They're much more appropriate and provide much better support for young feet.

Forest School: 

Forest School lessons at Badsey is now reserved for Reception, Year 1 and Year 4.  There will be opportunities for the children in Falcon to access the Forest School as part of their wider learning throughout the year - we'll contact you separately when this is relevant.


Falcons will continue to have their Ukulele lessons every Friday for an hour throughout the Spring Term.


This National Curriculum Spelling Appendix can be found here. Please familiarise yourselves with the national expectations for Year 3 pupils - they might be harder than you think.  All children are expected to know the 100 common exception words as well as the range of spelling rules associated with the Y3 curriculum.

A copy of the Spring 1 Y3 spellings for this term can be found in your child's homework folder as well as by clicking here.  Following our Autumn term consolidation of the Y2 programme of study, the children are now learning Y3/4 spelling rules.  Please work with your child in helping them learn their weekly spelling rules, perhaps you would enjoy using some of the ideas in the homework folder.


Homework will be a choice grid, which has a range of activities for your child to choose from and ultimately aim to complete by the end of the term. We would like the homework brought into school on a Friday for them to share with their class.  A copy of the grid can be found here.

We also ask that you read every day with your child at home, making a note in their reading diary when you have done so.  Reading is the most important tool to unlocking all other areas of learning - please don't underestimate the importance of it!  When reading with your child remember to ask them to regularly predict what they think will happen next and tell you why; clarify words they don't understand; ask them questions about what they are reading; and summarise what they have read with you when you have finished.

Helpful Website Links

The Topmarks website can be accessed here

Education City can be accessed here - your child will need their personal username and log-in

TT Rockstars is the tool we have invested in to help prepare your child for the Y4 Timestables Screening Check.  Your child has their own personalised login.  Click here to access the website.