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Badsey First School

Badsey First School

Year 5 - Class Hawk

Autumn Term 2021 

    to our Year 5 webpage full of useful information about the term ahead. I will be updating it regularly with photos and information, but please ring the office if you can not find the answers you need.

Year 5 is a very exciting year as the children are given so many extra responsibilities being the eldest (and most sensible!) children in our school. The children absolutely love the fact they get to sit on benches in the hall during assemblies and are paired up on a rota to fulfil many roles such as collecting the milk & fruit trays, delivering post, Library monitors, watering plants around school, Sports champions. 

 Our Year 5 class will be taught by myself and Mrs Atkinson (TA) will be working with us three mornings a week and all day on a Tuesday. This extra adult capacity will make a huge difference to our learning. Mrs Thomas will be covering my PPA sessions every other Thursday. 

The children will be swimming this term on Wednesday mornings starting on 22nd September (more details to follow from the office).

Our PE slot is on a Friday morning with Sam. Please ensure your child always has a named PE kit (navy/black plain shorts, white /blue plain t-shirt and a pair of pumps or trainers) in school. As the term progresses, the weather usually becomes significantly chillier but we will still always endeavour to go outside, so feel free to send in a pair of plain jogging trousers and jumper for your child to wear. Please remember,  your child is not allowed to participate in PE wearing earrings so will need to either remove them or cover with tape. Please send in some medical tape if required. 

We will be having two Forest School sessions before Christmas (date to be confirmed), where the children experience 'learning outside the classroom'. Please ensure your child has the appropriate clothing for getting wet and dirty and always has a pair of shoes to change into once they return from Forest School.

I shared this PowerPoint here with parents at our 'Meet the Teacher' evening on 15th September. It gives more information about life in Year 5 at Badsey as well as a little information about the Year 5 residential trip we have planned for the summer term. 




 In Year 5, the children will have two specific handwriting lessons each week (Wed & Fri), where letter & number formation is revised, the positioning of 'square' and 'rectangle' letters are revisited and they will be reminded of how to correctly join each letter.  Every child needs to earn their Yr5 pen licence by producing consistently joined handwriting. Stand alone Grammar lessons to teach the specific skills required take place each week but grammar skills are taught as part of every English lesson. 

 For our writing lessons, we follow the Talk for Writing principles which involve a baseline assessment and planning - 'cold' task, the imitation phase, the innovation phase and finally the Independent application and invention - 'hot' task. This term we will be working on a poetry unit, a Quest story (description focus), Non-chronological report, Defeating the monster story (Characterisation focus) and a Recount (diary). 



Year 5 children have a daily spelling lesson which teaches the spelling rules from the Year 5 programme of study as well as previous year group spelling rules which need reinforcing. A larger copy available here.


We also invest a lot of time practising the Year 3/4 and Year 5/6 spelling words, so the children are able to spell these words accurately when writing independently. 



As the children arrive in school each day, their Reading record books  are checked & signed.  Your child will be rewarded for reading at home by moving up our Reading chart with the aim of moving up each morning and earning a book token. The class with the most tokens at the end of each week, receives our Badsey Book Worm. Children are given the opportunity to choose a book from the classroom selection to take home or choose a book from home to read each evening.

Library – We visit the Library twice a half term. The children are given the opportunity to choose either a fiction or non-fiction book to take home.

         Our class book this term is Varjak Paw by SF Said

The children will complete a Star Reader quiz at least 3 times before Christmas to determine your child’s reading age and  therefore the appropriate Accelerated Reading book level.  The children get to read this Accelerated Reading book most days after lunch & as part of our Reciprocal Reading carousel.

 Reciprocal Reading takes place each day. This is a carousel of reading activities where the children get to read with Mrs Stirling, complete a comprehension, read their Accelerated reading book independently and complete a book activity. 



The most important thing you can do to support your child this year in maths, is to help them learn all their times tables off by heart. This will speed up their numeracy skills incredibly and boost their confidence enormously. Please chant them as often as you can, firing questions to ensure they are secure.

Encourage them to play 'TTRockstars' at home too.

Daily lessons – Learning journey    

Place Value, Rapid Recall of addition & subtraction, Formal Written Methods (FWM) for addition & subtraction, Rapid Recall of multiplication & division, Formal Written Methods for multiplication & division, Fractions and Decimals, Money and Position

Maths Facts – daily

Use of Times tables facts, Roman Numerals, Factors, Primes & multiples of numbers, Squared & cubed numbers, Equivalent fractions, simplifying fractions

Arithmetic – daily

Counting forwards & backwards in powers of 10, Multiply by 10, 100, 1000, Multiply & divide using known number facts, FWM addition, subtraction multiplication & division.

3D Curriculum



Our whole school theme for this term is ‘Water, Water Everywhere’. 

For Year 5 children it links to our History unit ‘Egyptians’. We learn about the significance of the River Nile for the ancient Egyptians.

As part of our Geography, we will learn about the features of a river, linking to the River Avon.

Our DT and Art covers a variety of skills inspired from our themed work.

Science –Forces,  Properties & changes of materials.

Computing – Research, Programming, algorithms, Create a Powerpoint (copy & paste text & images, resize, save & retrieve on the server)

Music – The children will be taught the basics of playing the recorder, counting rhythm and reading music.

RE – Discussions around the question; ‘Why do some people around the world believe God exists?’

PSHCE – What makes a healthy friend?

This is always an extremely busy but exciting term as the children settle into their final year at Badsey and get to grips with Year 5 expectations. Fairly early into the term, you will need to choose your preferred middle school and apply for a place. When the associated paper work is sent to us, which helps guide you through the process, we will send it home with your child. 

We look forward to seeing friends and family on our Family Friday mornings, where the children can share their learning with you. As always, please do not hesitate to contact either myself or Mrs Atkinson via the office or catch us in the playground, if you have any concerns. 

Let's hope we have a more 'normal' academic year. 







Helpful Website Links    

Here is a comprehensive list of on-line resources we feel are excellent to use at home.

Your child is familiar with using Education City in school, which is an absolutely fantastic website for English, Maths and Science, which school subscribes to each year. It requires an individual username and password (which your child knows & uses in school). Click here to log in.

TT Rockstars is the tool we have invested in to help children learn their times tables in a fun and modern way.  Your child has their own personalised login.  Click here to access the website.

A few websites linked to Reading

BBC – KS2 Bitesize – Home
This has links to all subjects for primary school aged children with areas to learn and revise. It has areas with explanations and definitions and videos to support learning.

Punctuation, English Games for 7-11 Years – Topmarks
Trapped – Punctuation. Three punctuation games where you need to punctuate paragraphs and sentences to gain the Key of Freedom to escape from the tower.

Thinkuknow – home
Guide to internet safety and safe surfing for young people from Think U Know. Learn about online safety when using blogs, chatting, online gaming and other forms of online communication

Crickweb | KS2 Literacy
Free Interactive Primary or Elementary Key Stage 2 ages 6-11 years, Literacy and English Teacher Resources and fun Kids Games. English learning as a second language.

Home Page :
Finding your home on NRICH. We have homes for students of different ages, teachers and parents/carers. The NRICH Project aims to enrich the mathematical experiences of all learners.

Planets For Kids – Solar System Facts and Astronomy
Welcome to Planets for Kids I really hope you enjoy the information that I have provided on this website. You will find lots of information about our solar system.

National Geographic Kids
National Geographic Kids explores the fascinating world we live in. Have loads of fun discovering incredible facts and information.

Woodlands Homework Help 

Woodlands site has different zones for some foundation subjects (History, Geography, RE, Art and Science) and core subjects (English and Maths). Different topics can be explored too



real PE at home – online learning resources

real PE at home includes an online programme which supports families to be active, play and learn together. It includes a programme specifically for children in Early Years and Key Stage 1 with 12 themes, 6 areas, over 250 activities and challenges and 1000s of hours of fun and activity.

For children in Key Stage 2 there are carefully selected personal best challenges, skills and games designed for the home and garden. Daily and weekly guidance is provided for both programmes in addition to an option to choose your own themes and activities.

There are so many benefits to being active, not only to our physical wellbeing but also to our emotional and mental health, especially in such testing times for all of us. We hope that the ideas help support you and your family to stay fit and healthy in the coming months. Here are the details to access real PE at home:
The website address is:

Parent email:
Password:  badseyfirs

New Pack: If you'd like to try some new games and activities to keep you moving, then click here for a new booklet packed with some fun ideas. You can also find more games at