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Badsey First School

Badsey First School

Year 5 - Class Hawk

Welcome to Class Hawk!

This page is designed to let you know a little bit more about our class...we hope you find it helpful.  If you ever have any questions about life in Class Hawk that you can't find the answer to on this page, you'll always be able to catch a member of our class team before or after school on the playground and we'll be happy to help.

Who's Who?

Class Teacher:  Mrs A Stirling

Meet The Teacher

Click here for the Meet The Teacher 2019 Overview Presentation

Click here for the Class Hawk Meet The Teacher 2019 Presentation

Autumn Term

 We are launching a new Foundation Curriculum at Badsey for 2019-20, designed to ensure there is a progression of learning across the school.  We will still keep The Big Idea, with the chosen strand for the Autumn Term being Respect.  Throughout the Autumn 1 term, the specific focus will be on The 2019 Rugby World Cup.  

In Hawk we will be studying the country of Argentina and linking all our topic based learning to this; geography, history, music, art and dance will all be incorporated.  To begin our unit we are lucky enough to have a professional rugby player visiting the children for the day. He will undertake a session with our class teaching the basics of rugby and linking it to respect. The children will also have the opportunity to ask him questions.  Following the visit we will then join in with the whole school for a Rugby Opening ceremony on Friday 20th September – this will be an opportunity for the children to ‘show off’ some of their learning so far.

 Core Subjects


In our Maths Learning Journey we will be providing the children with a range of learning objectives based upon a specific maths topic area.  On a daily basis, this enables us to focus our teaching upon their specific needs and provides the opportunity for the children to apply their maths skills in a range of contexts.  The week will consist of four Maths Learning Journey lessons and one Basic Skills Maths lesson. 

Maths coverage during the Autumn Term:

Week beginning 2nd September – Arithmetic Revision

Three weeks beginning 9th September – Place Value

Week beginning 30th September –Rapid Recall of Addition and Subtraction

Fortnight beginning 7th October – Formal Written Methods for Addition and Subtraction

Week beginning 21st October - Rapid Recall of Multiplication and Division

Fortnight beginning 4th November - Formal Written Methods for Multiplication & Division

Week beginning 18th November - Assessment week

Fortnight beginning 25th November - Fraction and Decimals

Week beginning 9th December - Money

Week beginning 16th December - Position


Our primary tool for teaching children to become amazing writers at Badsey remains Talk 4 Writing.  To learn more about Talk 4 Writing, click here. 

Our English learning journey begins with a non-chronological report about the countries of the World Cup, and a journey/quest story. For the second half of the term we will be learning to write a warning story and a recount.

Handwriting is a focus this term and we are closely monitoring the presentation with the aim of the children to gain their Year 5 Pen License.

Other Important Information


PE will happen on a Friday. Please ensure a named kit is left in school each half term.  Your child will need shorts and a dark blue t-shirt. We strongly recommend outdoor trainers, not pumps/daps for outdoor PE, much of which will be undertaken this term.  As the colder months role in we also recommend a warm jumper and tracksuit bottoms.

Our class swimming sessions are this term: 18th September; 25th September; 2nd October; 9th October; 16th October; 23rd October.

Forest School: 

Forest School lessons at Badsey is now reserved for Reception, Year 1 and Year 4.  There will be opportunities for the children in Hawk to access the Forest School as part of their wider learning throughout the year - we'll contact you separately when this is relevant.


These will be taught on a daily basis linking to our English Learning Journey where possible. At the beginning of each week the children will be learning a new spelling rule and the following series of lessons will be practising, applying and creating the with the rule.

A copy of spellings for this term can be found in your child's homework folder as well as by clicking here. During the Autumn 2 term we will move on to look at the spelling rules available here.  You will notice our initial focus for the Autumn terms is a consolidation of Y3 and Y4 spelling rules.  Please work with your child in helping them learn their weekly spelling rules, perhaps you would enjoy using some of the ideas in the homework folder.

The words provided on each list are examples of words that follow the rule; they will not necessarily be the words used in a weekly assessment. The children need to practise the rule at home and seek similar words. The aim is for the children to be confident using the rule and will therefore be able to apply it when needed.

The National Curriculum Spelling Appendix can be found here.  It shows you the expectations for spelling rules and the 100+ common exception words for each year group / phase.  We strongly recommend working through these at home with your child.



Homework will consist of a weekly task, either maths or English, which will be presented in a specific homework book. This book will be sent home on a Thursday to be completed and must be returned to school by Tuesday. There will also be a choice grid which has a range of activities for your child to choose from. This needs to be completed throughout the term. I would like the homework brought into school on a Friday ready for them to share with their class.  There will be regular opportunities in class for children to share and celebrate their homework - when appropriate they will receive recognition from their peers and Housepoints from the adults.

Helpful Website Links

Your child is familiar with using Education City in school, which is an absolutely fantastic website for English, Maths and Science, which school subscribes to each year. It requires an individual username and password (which your child knows & uses in school). Click here to log in.