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Badsey First School

Badsey First School

Year 1 - Kestrel Class

Hello lovely Kestrels!

Welcome back to the summer term!

We had an amazing 18 days before the Easter holidays for our Reset Curriculum, and now we can't wait to see you and get started with all of the exciting learning we have planned for you ??

Please find information about the coming term below:


To continue with the ‘Tricky Word Friday’ that we started during home learning in phonics, this term the children will take part in a weekly spelling test on Fridays.

They will be given a blue spellings book in their bookbags and in it you will see the spelling assessments we completed before the holidays. Glued into this book will be a list of 5 words, these are the words your child will need to learn for their test on Friday. Please practise these words throughout the week and make sure the spelling book is back in school every Friday.

The list of words the children will be going through is the same as the list you were given before the Easter holidays, here is a copy of the words.

If a child spells all 5 words correctly during their spelling test, they will move onto the next set of words. If a child remains on the same set of words for 3 weeks or more we will reduce the number of words for their spelling test.

Forest School – *day change*

Forest School will continue this term EVERY TUESDAY

Please ensure your child comes in to school prepared for forest school – long t-shirts, jogging bottoms and suitable footwear. Please bring spare clothes in case they get muddy. We plan to go into the forest whatever the weather so please bring clothing suitable for this.

As we are doing forest school in the afternoon, your children will come back home in their forest school clothing UNLESS they get super muddy, in which case we will change them into their spare clothes.

PE: This will take place on Wednesday mornings. Please ensure children have their full P.E kits in school with appropriate outdoor clothing.

Daily Mile: We will be continuing our daily mile walk/run every day as the children love it so much!




For the first three weeks our Talk for Writing journey will be looking at the story of Little Red Riding Hood. The children will create a piece of writing about the story and use it to record and narrate their own movie.




Please keep up with your reading at home EVERY DAY.
We are now encouraging the children to be changing their own reading books throughout the week by themselves. We will make sure every child has changed their books at least once a week. We will discourage children from changing their books every day as it is important that children re-read books in order to develop their reading fluency and expression.
You can support your child with their reading by asking them to sound out the easier words (e.g. c-a-t) and help them to blend that into the full word. If they come to a word they do not know and they cannot use their phonics, such as 'said,' then please read that word for them to help with their fluency and their confidence.




In our phonics lessons our focus will be on learning the phase 5 sounds. We will continue to revise phase 3 sounds to make sure that these are embedded.

HERE is a video to help you with phase 2 sounds.

HERE is a video to help you with phase 3 sounds.

HERE is a video to help you with phase 5 sounds.

Please familiarise yourself with these sounds so that you are matching the learning in school and helping your child correctly.




In maths we will be increasing our confidence and fluency when working with numbers up to and over 100. The children will be making sure they can recognise each number, count forwards and backwards and also count in twos, fives and tens starting from any number.

3D Curriculum



The Year 1 3D curriculum this term has been created in order to help the children to generate an interest and love for where they live and the surrounding areas. Living in and around Badsey, the children will be growing up in a rural area and our learning is going to help them to appreciate the areas where they live and also learn about the historical and cultural significance of places like Evesham.

We will begin the term by learning all about plants and trees. The children will grow their own Bean plants and we will learn how to recognise common wild and garden plants and trees around us. We will also learn about the structure of plants and trees and why it is important that we care for them. We will link this to our learning in the autumn term about the different ways that land is used around Badsey and talk about what types of plants we will expect to find growing in different places.

Then we will start looking at Evesham, learning about places that will be familiar to the children and the history of Evesham. We will briefly talk about the Battle of Evesham in 1265 and why there are buildings and streets in Evesham named after Simon De Montfort. We will link this to our learning in the autumn term about the importance of the River Avon and also look at features of human and physical geography.

In art lessons we will study the artist Andy Goldsworthy and create our own designs and art pieces using natural objects.

In PE lessons we will continue to have the wonderful Olivia helping us learn how to play team games such as Rounders and Cricket.

Websites to support learning from home:

Listen to Miss Smith reading stories: