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Badsey First School

Badsey First School


Curriculum Vision

We intend to provide an ambitious curriculum for all our pupils.

Our curriculum is a knowledge-connected curriculum, rooted in acquisition of language and development of subject specific vocabulary. It is designed to build schema and cultural capital through providing enriching experiences, the opportunity to build on prior learning and stimulating philosophical discussions to reason, form opinions and develop a deeper appreciation of the world around us.

Curriculum Drivers

Our curriculum is led by our curriculum drivers –

Diversity and Equality

We want our curriculum to represent the rich breadth of humanity’s creativity and achievements. Throughout our curriculum we celebrate equality and diversity and the significant contributions of a wide range of people from a wide range of backgrounds. Our curriculum aims to prepare children to thrive in a culturally and ethnically diverse modern Britain and develop a respect and appreciation of others.


We recognise that a knowledge-rich curriculum is also a language-rich curriculum. Therefore, we recognise that developing children’s oracy and deepening their vocabulary are vital aspects of securing understanding.

Our approach to curriculum –

Our approach to curriculum development and delivery is informed by current pedagogy. Our curriculum leaders engage with educational research and best practice in order to support strong outcomes for children. Core and foundation subjects are taught discretely in our schools so that children develop a strong understanding of each subject’s specific knowledge and skills.

Our curriculum is:

Sequential – concepts are sequenced to ensure they are revisited regularly within and across year groups and key stages. The curriculum reinforces concepts over time.

Developmental – it carefully considers children’s age and stage and is designed to increase in cognitive complexity as children develop. As children move through our schools they revisit subjects and concepts in greater depth and complexity.

Interconnected – it makes explicit links between curriculum subjects when these links enhance children’s understanding in order to deepen their knowledge.


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