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Badsey First School

Badsey First School


Our Foundation Curriculum

The National Curriculum identifies the foundation subjects as: Art & Design, Citizenship, Computing & IT, Design & Technology, Modern Foreign Languages, Geography, History, Music and PE.  All schools are also required to teach religious education at all key stages.

At Badsey we deliver all of these areas of the National Curriculum - Spanish was introduced for our KS2 pupils during the Spring of 2022.


We intend to provide a curriculum which develops in pupils the the core and disciplinary knowledge they require to be educated citizens.  We want every child to unlock their individual potential as a kind and empathetic person, as a budding Olympic sportsperson, as the next great archaeologist, as a curious and inquisitive scientist...

We achieve this intent by ensuring our curriculum meets the following aims:

  • To be coherent, focussing on what we want children to learn; not what we want them to do.  We don't want a curriculum offer which is 'bitty' - this means there are lots of fragments of knowledge floating around without being placed in a bigger basket.
  • To be sequential, so what the children learn in the younger year groups can be built on and developed during their school journey
  • To preserve the integrity of each subject - we avoid over complicated cross-curricular links - children learn what it means to become an artist, a historian, a geographer etc.
  • To enable children of all abilities to develop a love of every subject - differentiation and consideration of each child's individual cultural capital ensures they have a broad and balanced experience of learning
  • To develop into our pupils empathy and responsibility allowing them to make positive contributions to their community and wider society
  • To open the children's eyes to the diversity, history and cultural wealth of their local context and wider community

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Long-term Memory

The aim of our curriculum is to ensure children transfer knowledge to their long-term memory, and don't, for example, just learn some facts about the Romans which they will have forgotten by the time they start their next topic on 'Australia'.  

Our Curriculum is designed having carefully considered the 'Cognitive Load Theory' - using knowledge of the human brain to design teaching strategies that maximise learning.  We follow these steps when planning exciting and engaging lessons for the Badsey children:

1.  Tailor lessons according to the children's existing knowledge and skills

2.  Use examples when teaching new content

3.  Challenge the children to problem-solve with this new knowledge

4.  Cut out any irrelevant information - don't get distracted!

5.  Present information to the children orally, visually and kinaesthetically

6.  Challenge the children to combine their new knowledge with their imagination to create something new with what they have learned 

Prior Knowledge

This is an essential part of all areas of learning at Badsey... put simply, what do the children already know?  Teachers frequently support children in revisiting what they know about a specific subject and also revisiting prior learning in each subject.  For example - 'We're about to start our History lesson - what is History?' or 'Last week we were learning about how the Romans developed a network of roads - what do you recall about how this development helps us in 2022?'

Children use 'mindmaps' and 'knowledge activators' at the start of a new term to show what they already know, and build on these throughout the term as they acquire new understanding.