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Badsey First School

Badsey First School

Class Owl

Welcome to Class Owl!

This page is designed to let you know a little bit more about our class...we hope you find it helpful.  If you ever have any questions about life in Class Owl that you can't find the answer to on this page, you'll always be able to catch a member of our class team before or after school on the playground and we'll be happy to help. 

Who's Who?

Class Teacher:  Mrs J Williams

Class Teaching Assistant:  Mrs G Appleyard

1:1 Teaching Assistant:  Mrs J Walker

GLA Director of Early Years:  Mrs E Williams

Summer Term Big Idea

Each term at Badsey, the children will explore and learn about a new Big Idea.  These could range from Fairness to Power.  Throughout the Summer Term, the whole-school Big Idea is 'Power'. We link all lessons from the Foundation Curriculum (History, Geography, Art, Music, RE etc) to this Big Idea.

In Class Owl, our big idea for the Summer Term will be ‘Power’ in line with the rest of the school. 

 Prime Areas of Learning

Communication & Language/Literacy

We will be continuing our daily Phonics lessons following the Jolly Phonics scheme, which teaches children their letters and sounds for writing. This will also involve some stories and rhymes, as well as a including a range of multi-sensory activities, designed to immerse the children in each sound. The children will also learn the written form of each
sound and will be taught to understand the terms digraphs and trigraphs. We recap sounds and blends that we have already and continue using these in our writing.  We will continue to learn 'tricky' words that cannot be segmented, such as 'the', 'was' and 'they'.

Physical Development

This term our P.E lessons will be taken by Miss Kay on a Friday with a focus on Athletics. Children will continue to work on the skills required to successfully negotiate space as well as how to put together a routine using travels, jumps, balances and rolls.

Personal, Social Emotional Development

As before, this will continue to be of huge importance to us. We will continue to play lots of games and have weekly circle times, thinking about what it means to be a kind friend and things we can do to help others. We will continue to keep the class and school rules and say what is right and wrong. We have also introduced the “Marvellous Me” suitcase which will be sent home with one child each week. This is an opportunity for your child to put in things that are important to them and they will share these items with the rest of the class. This will help build on our speaking and listening skills.

Specific Areas of Learning


During the Summer term, we will concentrate on revisiting and consolidating recognising and ordering numbers and counting reliably. We will revisit and extend multiplication (in the form of doubling) as well as addition and how these are used in everyday situations.

Understanding the World

This term we will be thinking about how special events are celebrated in different cultures and the traditions that are observed. For example we will learn about Ramadan and the celebration Eid in the Muslim faith. Our “Big idea” is Power this term. We will discuss what power is and who has power? We will explore the power of words in poems and powerful fictional characters. We will explore the power of growth and plant various things to explore what gives them the power to grow. We will think about our own power and strengths and how our actions play a huge part in the world. We will also continue to use various forms of technology around the classroom, including the laptops and interactive whiteboard and programmable toys. We also have exciting visitors for STEM week - they will be teaching the children how to build Lego houses so that they can build a Lego city. They will then make a circuit to light up the houses in their city. In EYFS we will also be programming Edison robots and exploring how to give them instructions.

Expressive Arts & Design

We will continue to encourage the children to express themselves creatively using a variety of media, for example painting, collage, music, song and dance. Specifically we will be creating flowers out of different materials, designing our own plant pots and a collaborative piece for our Big Idea.

Other Important Information


Forest School: 

Our Forest School sessions have now finished for the 2018-19 academic year.

Reading at Home:

We will continue to change your child’s reading book every Monday. Regular reading at home is key in aiding your child to make progress in their reading. Reading books given to your child will be chosen at a level that they can read some words and will need to decode others using their phonic knowledge. You will also find a story book in the book-bag, this is a story that you can read and enjoy with your child. Don’t worry if your child has had the book before, we always say that a good book is worth reading more than once! It is important to us that you could sign or initial your child’s reading record book to show that you have looked at the book at home and are ready for a change.


A gentle reminder that a “Fantastic Phonics” book was sent home with every child last term and this can be used to practise the formation of these sounds and tricky words. This is optional, although recommended.
Just a reminder the book-bag is one of the main forms of communication and needs to be checked daily.
Please can we ask that you check all school uniform has your child’s name in it, we had quite a few missing items last term and without a name it makes it tricky to reunite them. Thank you! 


We wrote you about changes to the homework offer at Badsey for the Summer term on 2nd May 2019.  Please see a copy of the letter and the arrangements for homework in Owls class here.

Helpful Website Links

Education City- can be accessed here or through the Quick-Links side bar.  Your child will need their individual log in to use this website
Topmarks is a great website for maths activities and can be accessed here
Phonics Play has many useful phonics games and can be accessed here
Our class favourite counting song can be accessed here